Things are a changin’ around here!

I love the new look, what do you think?

Big thanks to Brett for all his hard work on the site. I think it looks wicked and I’m so happy to have a non-generic and all around awesome looking blog now. I just need to take better pictures so as not to put the fantastic design to shame.

You probably have noticed I have had a bit of a hiatus. A few reasons for this –

1) Work has been busy and a bit annoying, not leaving me feeling very creative for cooking and writing.

2) Another little non-food related project I used to do last year has started again as of July (but with preparations starting much earlier in May) and that has been taking up LOTS of my time outside of work and on weekends.

3) Adam has been out of work since March due to the GFC so he has been doing pretty much ALL of the cooking since then to keep him busy. I think he is nearly better at it than me. Nearly 😛

But now..

1) I remembered the reason I started this blog is to flex my creative muscle!

2) We are back into the swing of things with this other project, so I am hoping it is not going to take up as  much of my time ‘going forward’. (Such a lame work phrase that one).

3) This is the best one.. Adam got a job! And not just a regular job, he got a super duper brilliant job. He starts in August so I will be back doing our nightly meals and running the household kitchen again. He has done a stellar job, but I am so looking forward to being back in control!

Since my last post the G man has been and gone from Australia. Did anyone go see him? I love that his tour was filled with controversy, so Gordon!  Maybe the next time he visits I will be well into this project and I will go to his show and ask him questions on all my fuck-ups. Like WHY WOULDN’T MY FROMAGE BLANC FOAM, FOAM?

I have a cooking post pretty much ready to go, so stayed tuned peeps!